The story began when cosmetics enthusiast Dany met Nicolas, an engineer with a quirky streak. Fans of breaking all the rules, they decided to offer a brand where skincare went hand-in-hand with pleasure and indulgence.

High quality formulas
in beautiful bottles
for self-indulgent
evoking all the traditional elegance
of fine
French groceries

A range of mild products…

Mango Mango
Coconut Coconut
Strawberry Strawberry
  • Bath-shower


    Delicious formulas
    to stimulate all your senses!

  • Body Care

    Body Care

    Pamper your skin
    with a touch of indulgence

  • Massage


    Massages to awaken your senses
    for an amazing experience

  • Face Care

    Face Care

    your face's inner radiance!


  • Loving nature

    No animal testing is carried out when creating our products. Formulas mainly consisting of natural ingredients (ground fruit and plant extracts).

  • Protecting consumers

    Free from parabens and MIT, our formulas only contain ingredients which are high quality and care for our customers. They are tested for safety in accordance with European regulations.

  • Respecting the environment

    Recyclable PET bottles and glass containers in simple, elegant and timeless designs that you can re-use thanks to our environmentally-friendly refills. Overpackaging avoided as far as possible.


Our story

In 2009, Blancrème opened its concept store in Saint-Germain en Laye. One afternoon in May, the Printemps Haussman department store buyer came in, attracted by the products in the window…
Today, the Blancrème store has become an international brand distributed in over 500 outlets across 15 countries.

70formulas including
30 completely free from preservatives
amazing textures!
delicious fragrances!

Overindulging in Blancrème
is highly recommended for your well-being!

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