Secure payment

Blancrème partners with organisations of a high standing, such as Le Crédit du Nord, to guarantee to you ever more security when you pay for your orders.

To meet your requirements, we accept one payment system:

Secure payment by bank card (SSL encryption)

Our secure online payment system is provided to us by the group Le Crédit du Nord, by means of the Payzen payment solution.
At no time does your card number transit through our servers or is stored by our servers, which guarantees you the utmost security in terms of payment transactions.
Payzen manages your online payment transactions from start to finish, from receipt of your payment details when you enter them and send them, to payment into our bank account. After having recorded his or her order and delivery details, the prospective purchaser chooses to pay for his or her products online by clicking on the logo of his or her payment card (i.e. French CB, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, etc.) that is displayed on the website. Then a link is created to the payment server.
Payzen is a service that manages the various stages of transactions using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Secure PayPal payments

The Payzen payment solution can also process PayPal payments for you using the same secure technology. Following the recording of an order, the prospective purchaser must click on the PayPal logo and log in to his or her account to pay for the order.